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When migrating to YouTube, Ross was unable to obtain use of the name “RubberNinja” due to the name having already been claimed by one other person. Although in time he managed to say the usage of RubberNinja, he continued to make use of RubberRoss as a substitute, feeling there was no point in changing the name by then. Ross O’ Donovan , additionally known by internet names RubberRoss,RubberNinja or CondomRoss, is an Aussie animator and good friend of the Game Grumps. He is the principle host ofSteam Train, originally co-hosted alongside Danny. Originally talked about many occasions on Game Grumps by Jon and Arin, he made his first physical look on the show briefly in “Rocky Road”.

  • Despite this, Ross has played guitar, but could only recite the GoldenEye theme, as mentioned in an Electronic Super Joy episode.
  • He described it as being killed in “a Mufasa-ass stampede.”
  • That stated, persons are very a lot inspired to take pleasure in some down time outdoors of work to keep up that real work life stability.
  • As of 2017 nonetheless, Ross has taken a much less lively position in Game Grumps-related activities, so as to focus on his art and animation profession.

The child he was instructing had Epilepsy, and while Ross was displaying him the way to animate a ball going backwards and forwards, the kid fell over and smashed his head in opposition to a concrete wall. Danny and Barry mentioned in their My Boyfriend 2 gameplay that Ross has no gag reflex. Ross purportedly received a complete of six Mews in his copy of Pokémon Blue due, presumably, to an oversight at the Poké Tour he attended in Australia. This was revealed on the Game Grumps Flight Delayed PODCAST!!

Ross O’donovan Is Nice

He’s also credited with filming Jon’s “Kings Quest V” video. Ross makes an look as a pilot in Jon’s StarCade episode on X-Wing, and later returns for the final episode alongside Holly, who’s dressed as a Tusken Raider. When Ross is mentioned on Game Grumps, it’s usually his accent that’s discussed. Though Ross was born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, and both his mother and father are Irish, he never developed a complete Australian or Irish accent.

So way back when Steam Train first started and the shift to Dan Grumps began, I actually didn’t like Ross. His persona on the present was simply flat out annoying and didn’t really go beyond harassing whoever he was taking part in with simply because it was “funny.” But after studying plenty of posts on here and watching extra podcasts with Ross on them, he is such a great dude. Just watch the SuperMegaCast (Ep. 64) when he was on, and he simply sounded so passionate over his animation, and he likes supporting new and younger animators who are just trying.

Animation Career

However, his accent does drop right into a slight Australian accent at occasions; he has acknowledged that he may have conciously toned down his Australian accent once he moved to the United States. On June 25, 2013, the identical day as Jon’s departure, Ross began co-hosting a brand new show on the Game Grumps channel known as Steam Train, alongside Danny. This was changed exactly a year later; he remains the main host, while Danny, Arin, Brian, Suzy ,and Barry are recurring hosts.

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Later on a livestream, he and his chat discovered a number of the other streamers who had been donated to as a part of the ad campaign, and the stock footage used by the ad agency to characterize the games they have been supposedly streaming. Ross did voice work along with Vitas Varnas within the online game Paradigm. Ross has an excellent sizzling blonde sister, Rebecca O’Donovan, as said in the Steam Train episode Shrek Forever After. Ross was absent from a Steam Train one-off for the primary time ever in Peggle Nights . He has since been absent from the Five Nights at Freddy’s and Plants vs. Zombies series, though his absences are general very rare. During episode 4 of Super Monkey Ball Ross said to put “Arin Hanson is fucking stupid.” within the trivia part of Arin’s page, as this was the first time Arin confused his exhibits on Grumpcade.

Ross O’donovan

This has afforded me a chance to continue working on engagements of significant scale while additionally growing skilled relationships with colleagues throughout the firm. Colorado officers have named the suspect and 10 people killed in an assault on a grocery retailer. “A lot of streamers are really upset about this as a result of usually corporations undergo an ad company, you discuss to them and also you make a deal,” Ross provides. Take a fast scroll through Twitter and you’ll find plenty of different huge name streamers who’re unhappy. But Ross says the marketing campaign is a slap within the face to streamers, who depend on actual sponsorship deals to make their dwelling.

After finishing his research at Corpus Christi College, he entered the animation program on the Film and Television Institute of Western Australia. It’s the identical cause Jon/Arin grumps was so nice, and why Danny and Barry are/have been so well liked. Arin just dumped it on some nook, posted a tweet about it and went home. Ross noticed the tweet and went out to the place the sofa was to go meet some fans and then assist them move the couch. Finishing listening to Ross on episode 34 of the SuperMegaCast and located this really neat tidbit that Holly and Ross are sitting on a literal goldmine of belongings. Holly’s grandfather was an animator and they have hundreds of authentic cells from dozens of different movies.

Ross has additionally said that he likes Ratboy Genius in a Pokemon Art Academy Episode, saying Barry’s Minccino drawing looks like it would be a character from the sequence. The video was hosted Holly’s channel, however marked as non-public after their divorce and can no longer be viewed. According to Danny in the finale of Super Mario Galaxy, Ross goes out of his method to persuade folks that he has more than two nipples, when actually he presents a conspicuous freckle as stated third nipple.

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